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Since its incorporation in the summer of 1997, Electronic Systems Integration, Inc. has provided Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas with…

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You can call us with ANY fire alarm system question or problem you may have, regardless of manufacturer, age, or design. If we can help, we will. Our phone and online support is FREE and available to anyone. We have and will provide…

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Addressable Systems

The development of addressable systems has been considered the most significant advance for fire safety systems in the last half century. Addressable systems gave us…

Video Surveillance


High resolution IP cameras.

Access Control and Entry Systems

From basic single door controllers to multi-building systems.

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We realize that there are systems that are ten, twenty, thirty, or more years old that are still in service, protecting lives and property. We also know that it is difficult to get help when trying to service or test one of these systems. We can help. Call or email us with any questions you may have. In addition we can source parts for many legacy systems, or lead you in the right direction to use newer parts, if necessary. These are life safety systems and their failure puts a tremendous burden on the facilities and those responsible for them. Contact us if you need help or have questions. We can and will provide assistance to the best level of our capabilities.

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